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Workshop topics:

  • Adobe: Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

  • Your DSLR camera & your style

  • Camera safety & controls

  • Photography styles  

  • Posing people & building rapport

  • Composition 101: concepts, design & elements

  • Nature vs. urban

  • Natural vs. studio light


  • LIVE Photoshoot in studio

  • LIVE Photoshoot outdoors

  • Post production: workflow, exporting & final product

  • Retouching 101: skin, hair, eyes & background

  • Graphic design 101: color, fonts, sizing & spacing

  • Logo design: concept, drafting & design

  • Social media: safety, set up & strategy

  • Entrepreneurship: My journey & basic skills.

  • Website: design, development & SEO optimization

  • Music video project

  • Music production & licensing

  • Audio recording & engineering


Corporate & Community Booking Rates



1 hour workshop




3 hour workshop



6 hour workshop



2 day workshop



3 day workshop

For individual rates please see below for further info!


$75 | Your DSLR & you

Choosing the right equipment can be a daunting task. With this session you will have enough knowledge to make your next purchase decision a breeze. Students will bring their camera devices. We will learn about settings for your style and safety in handling cameras. We will explore brands, accessories and how to get the most out of your purchase. This workshop is geared towards beginner photographers.

3 hours

$75 | Posing people & building rapport

Trust us this can stump the best of us. This workshop is designed to put you & your subject at ease. We will learn the skills necessary to find & keep new clients. This workshop is designed for both beginner photographers & models. The content is transferable to both industries.

3 hours

$150 | Composition 101

Join us as we unload this heavy topic in just 6 hours. We will work through the process of creating a concept, designing the pieces and using a toolbox of elements to create the final product. This workshop is intended for beginner photographers and can be useful to models, hairstylists, makeup artists and fashion designers. 

6 hours

$75 | The versus workshop

We will explore the good, the bad & the ugly of the following topics:

  • Nature vs. urban locations
  • Natural vs. studio lighting

3 hours

$75 | LIVE photo shoot in studio

Who else is a do things yourself learner? If you are this is the workshop for you. We will set up lighting, backdrops & other accessories together. 

3 hours

$75 | LIVE photo shoot outdoors

Studio lighting not for you? Let's learn on a more natural terrain by utilizing the sun. 

3 hours

$75 | Post production

This workshop will cover a basic workflow and exporting process. We will cover the differences between different file types. Discussions will cover the various files we may need for different projects. This workshop is intended for beginner photographers and is useful for graphic design as well. 

3 hours

$75 | Retouching 101

A variety of techniques & retouching skills are every photographers best weapon. Learn how to handle even the trickiest retouches. This session will cover retouching skin, hair, eyes & background. Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop will be used as the software of choice. We are able to adapt this workshop to other software. It is advised that participants bring their laptops with software already installed.

3 hours

$150 | Graphic design 101

Graphic design is a sought after skill & we're here to teach you the basics. This workshop will cover the basics of color theory, font types, sizing & spacing the elements. We will learn how to create logos, posters, business cards and more. We will cover different styles and themes of graphic design. 

6 hours

$75 | Logo Design

Are you wanting to re brand? Do you want some creative insight to help you draft a logo for yourself or our business? We will explore color, theories & draft some ideas. This workshop is geared towards those with general artistic & computer skills. 

3 hours

$75 | Social media 

Social media has become a force to reckon with. We can help make sure you're prepared to navigate this online world. We will cover online safety, profile set up & strategy for your brand. This workshop is geared towards those just beginning their social media journey. 

3 hours

$75 | My entrepreneurship journey

"This workshop will cover my story as an Indigenous entrepreneur & young mother. We will learn about the steps I took to overcome stereotypes, while battling with anxiety & depression. I am passionate about inspiring youth to latch on to their own talents. We will discuss basic entrepreneurial & life skills to be successful in any industry." - Alexandra Jarrett Owner of Axis Imagery Ltd. 

3 hours

$125 | Websites the basics

Websites are not fire breathing dragons. Join us as we demystify the process that goes into creating a website. We will discuss the pros, cons & pricing of various hosting platforms. This workshop will allow you the knowledge to design & develop your own website. We will be utilizing the handy tools made available by hosting platforms. This class requires basic understanding of computers. This class will cover the basics of coding languages, but will not be diving into learning actual code. Instead this workshop focuses on utilizing the ready made code from hosting platforms. 

5 hours


Axis Imagery is pleased to introduce the North Star Creative Youth Program. Where we give our recommendations for your community after the youth have had their say!