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First and foremost I am grateful for meeting Jennifer Corriero owner of Taking it Global. I met Jennifer through Yellowsky and Joey Stylez. Joey had mentioned me to Jennifer as a local photographer. Jennifer was running a nationwide project for Canada called Wish 150. The Saskatoon exhibit was featured in The Paved Arts and featured artists of various mediums. The main feature of each exhibit was a mosaic pieced together by artists from Canada wide. This is where I first met Jennifer and learned about all the amazing things she has accomplished by helping others. I joined her for the Vancouver exhibit where I was given a platform to display my work. I watched as Jennifer did a graceful job of allowing Indigenous voices to speak up about their wish for the next 150 years in Canada. I was inspired by her and her story, as I am a natural helper to people as well. I was intrigued and have since had projects funded to support youth in various ways. Including my most recent endeavor the Art & Hip Hop Show. I was able to fund this project through their #RisingYouth initiative. The show is August 31st, 2018 I plan to hold the project annually through community support. 

Featured Participant:Helen Oro Featured Participant:Tala Tootoosis Featured Participant:Kealy Heeg Featured Participant:Lindsay Isbister Featured Participant:Emma Hassencahl Featured Participant:Tawahum Justin Peter Bige

I was able to have my blogging project funded by the  Samuel Connected North Youth Leadership Fund through Taking It Global. The goal was to take portraits and gather stories from Indigenous Peoples. I was thrilled and also challenged to complete the project. I was able to print large gallery prints through Rayacom and self-publish a short book through


Thank you to everyone involved in the process. I am honored to have shared your stories and I am grateful for the support I've received with the project. Yes, each of you asked me “what do you mean by Indigenous Integrity?” I am excited for the next phase of the project and I hope to see more people in the Indigenous Portrait Project. So, how do you practice Indigenous Integrity?


The questions that were asked were meant to raise healthy dialogue around indigenous identity and lateral violence. I wanted to share the realities of the modern indigenous world. We all face different journeys and we all have our individual purposes. Our families have all been affected differently by colonialism.


The project ended up taking me forever. I'd pick it up and put it down. I'd question the whole layout, I'd love it, then I hated it. Without getting too much in my nitpickiness. Please note this is somewhat of my baby this project. So I wanted it to be perfect. Nothing ever really can perfect, so I had to complete the book.


I learned things about myself by completing this. I observed myself procrastinating and fully understood why. I had also been pregnant and had a baby during the duration of the project. Regardless it was Nigit'stil from the Taking It Global team who was able to help me complete my project.

Indigenous StoriesBook CoverIndigenous Portrait Project Version 1.0







Samuel Connected North Youth Leadership FundSamuel Family FoundationThe Samuel Connected North Youth Leadership Fund is a collaborative partnership managed by TakingITGlobal and made possible through financial support from The Samuel Family Foundation.






Imagine the possibilities.
Invest in change.Taking It GlobalTakingITGlobal is one of the world's leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with, and working towards tackling global challenges.

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Alexandra Jarrett | Full Biography




Name: Alexandra Jarrett

Nicknames: Girlie, AJ, Alex

Age: 28

Tattoos: 5 & counting

Piercings: 5 currently I've been pierced 18 times all PG lol

Children: 3 & 1 Cat

Parental Goals: Children who actively make the world a better place.

Born: Meadow Lake, SK

Raised: Eagles Lake First Nation ( Canoe Lake Cree First Nation)

Ethnicity: Cree, Metis, and Heinz 57

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Music: I'm eclectic, but my man Yellowsky is dope

Favourite Beverage: Dr. Pepper/ French Vanilla with Espresso Shot


1) Creativity

2) Helping others pursue their purpose

3) Environmental revival and preservation. 

I’ve always appreciated the arts in all its forms I absolutely adore all of the work that goes into creating a photograph. My favourites are creative projects and photojournalism with a purpose. I was gifted my first camera and it has helped me overcome so many barriers I created in myself. I had been wanting to take pictures for a very long time I just didn’t have the means to invest in the equipment. That first camera was a Canon Rebel I started going out and taking pictures as soon as I got it. There are a lot of ways to go about getting into photography. My first piece of advice is to just start. I could have let it hold me back that I didn’t have formal education in Photography. I could not have pursued, because my camera was just a ‘Rebel’. I made a decision that a good photographer can take a great photograph with any camera. So I just started.



















The woman who’s been a true inspiration in most of my life is my grandmother Cecile Marie Jarrett. My grandma always provided me with the one thing every child needs, someone to listen. She always listened to me and I shared my entire heart with her. My grandmother is a retired Social Worker and she along with my mother have helped me throughout everything that went wrong in my life. My grandmother never judged me or condemned me and always provided me with logic and wisdom. I have watched my grandma overcome so much in her life and for that she is always my first inspiration.



I was raised by my mother Lorrie Anne Jarrett. To this day she has my back in everything I do. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be the mother I am today. I had my first son at 18 and my mom made sure I had everything I needed. To this day she makes sure me and my children are never without. She is an incredible grandmother to my children, much like my grandma is incredible to me. For this I am forever grateful for her and the relationship we've built together. My father lived further away from me growing up. I used to go visit him in the summer. He lives in the NorthWest Territories. If you know anything about that region of Canada you'll know that in the summer there is a period of 24 hours of light and in the winter there is a period of 24 hours of dark. I remember when I visited in the Summer wondering why he put us to bed so early. I remember living with him for a year when I was 13 and not even realizing how dark it was in the winter. I have siblings through him and I'm proud of who they are becoming. My Dad didn't get to have as much of a hand in raising me, but I can appreciate how well he's raised my siblings. He's somewhat of a private guy so I won't post his name and photo out of respect. 



My Chapan Louis Opikokew was a huge part of my child hood. Pictured below is me sitting on his lap. When I used to visit him, he would sit me on his lap and make me recite 1 to 10 in Cree. He was a funny man and I remember how important he made me feel. I also remember how much he used to tease me, he had a sense of humor like no other. He passed on when I was 10, I remember when my mother got the call. I remember knowing what the call was about before my mother told me. There are many things I didn't get a chance to learn from him including cultural teachings. It is for him that I am proud to be Cree. He had a journey that inspires me to break the chains intergenerational trauma can hold on our families. I can recite 1 to 10 now in Cree now and I hope he's proud of me. 



I grew up very torn between two cultures never really understanding my identity. When you grow up with two different backgrounds it can be hard for others to understand why it can affect you so much. Now that I am at a stage in my life where I am understanding that I define myself it is a lot easier to talk about. I understand now more than ever that the only true barriers are the ones that exist in your own mind. As an indigenous woman I understand the statistics and I understand the stereotypes. As a white passing Indigenous person I also understand the importance I have to my people. To stand up and be a positive example of my community and to recognize injustice for what it is. I choose personally to focus on empowering those around me and associating with like-minded individuals. It is more important to me to be an example and to bring light to those indigenous people who are making differences in their communities.



A huge struggle I’ve witnessed throughout my life does not stem from the stereotypes we place on each other, but from what we believe about ourselves. I think that low self-esteem is a huge epidemic in our world. I remember what it was like to be a teenager and not be comfortable in my own skin. What helped me tremendously was associating myself with people who have the results I want in life. I read books that were going to help me with my issues. Where you are going to be in the next five years depends on the top 5 people you associate with and the books you read. So choose wisely.


I started the Indigenous Portrait Project as a way to search through what I knew about my own visual identity. I know that there are all walks of life in Indigenous communities so I feel it’s important for people to challenge what they believe Indigenous means. I’ve asked people in my communities to share their stories and I offer to take a few headshots for my blog. I did not place a deadline on this project and it is on-going. I really hope to open a few minds and help myself on my own journey of self-discovery.


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Winter Collaboration Finale  

So this was the final day of a 3 part Winter Collaboration. I am so proud of all the beautiful pictures that everyone was able to create. So this final date was beautiful weather. I really utilized this one spot I really adore on the University Campus. There is so much talent in Saskatoon and I'm always glad to see them together creating art. So with that I would like to share the final photographs from January 21st 2016 :)



This is Joan, again <3 She is affiliated with Masala Model & Talent. She did her own hair and makeup on this day as well. Joan is so versatile and lovely to work with. I absolutely adored the photographs that were produced from this day. She had a lovely flowy skirt and the wind was just perfect in this particular shot. Thank you for joining us on not one but 2 dates Joan. It is always a pleasure working with you. You're always such a tremendous supporter of everything I do <3


Lori is represented by Infinity Management and had her hair and makeup done by the talented Billie Rose. Lori is my soul mate. We always get together and laugh and have a great time. She's tremendously beautiful and I love working with her. Lori is professional, hilarious, and overall one of the biggest sweethearts I know. I mean it Lori were soul mates <3




Jordan is represented by Infinity Management she had her makeup done by THE Kacey Beaudry and her hair was done by her glorious friend Samantha Janvier. I had a great time working with Jordan for the first time. She took amazing photographs and has great features. She took direction very well and I was very happy to be one of her first photography experiences. She did an overall amazing job and I'm very happy with the photographs we produced<3



Maria Maria! She is represented by Infinity Management she had her makeup done by my wonderful friend Jamie Fiddler and she had her hair done by her amazing friend Brianne Daviduik. This shoot was the first time I had worked with Maria and her photographs were tremendously breathtaking. She has a great face and took direction very well. I am very glad she was able to come and model this day. She ended up staying till the very end and got some tremendous pictures with some other photographers. <3


This is Nikki #nochill this shoot was right up her alley<3 She is represented by Infinity Management. She had her makeup done by her incredible sister Melissa Agarand she was also lucky enough to have her hair done by the renowned Uyen a.k.a. Ninja Stylist. Nikki is always on point she has a great personality and doesn't realize how beautiful she is inside and out. I love working with Nikki she's great to be around. I don't like when I'm behind in work and she's one of the subjects... She's a fire under my butt that's for sure. Hence Nikki #nochill <3



Last but definitely not the least. This beauty is Kayla she is represented by Masala Model & Talent. Her makeup was done by THE Kacey Beaudry and her hair was done by Taylor Froese. I absolutely adore this girl she is always so giving and appreciative. I've seen her working extensively within the Saskatoon community and this girl is on fire. I love the photographs that are created of her she is definitely a muse<3




I would again like to thank everyone who took the time to be involved. This took a painstakingly long time for me to organize and edit. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and is happy with the art they were able to create. After all that is what it is all about <3

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Another Shoot Bites The Snow <3 Guess what everyone its nearly April and I am finally done the Winter Collaboration. That's 23 models and some of them came twice <3 So with no further adieu I'd like to showcase the models from January 24th, 2016.


Again I would like to thank everyone who took the time to be involved <3


This gorgeous doll is Raylyne Jensen she is a model for Infinity Management. This girl is overall a genuine girl. She is also a cheerleader for Warman Ultimate Cheerleading. I have had the honor of working with Raylyne a couple times since this shoot. She's always a cheerful girl with a good attitude. I'd definitely buy her a coffee ;). She had her makeup done by Rachel WS and she did her own hair. Check out her modeling page and show her some love <3


Elicia Sutherland always a doll <3 She is managed by Infinity Management. Elicia is also a photographer in her own right with Elicia Munro Photography. She's recently been on an international runway in Melbourne, Australia. She made quite a few friends and traveled with Helen Oro Designs. I'm very proud of her and I know it was very hard for her to be that far away from her man and her babies. This girl has a gold star in my books always happy always good attitude. Thank you for being in my life girl <3


Can this girl get a round of applause? This is Hilary Keller she participated in the Winter Collaboration on two dates <3 She is not signed with an agency and just wants to model because she loves it. I find that very refreshing. Hilary has the most beautiful eyes and she is a natural model. This girl is a go-getter and knows what she wants in life. That much was clear from meeting her. She had her makeup done by Lateesha Armbruster and she did her own hair <3


Joan here is always a dream to work with. She is affiliated with Masala Model and Talent <3 I've worked with Joan on a couple projects and I really respect her tenacity. She's an amazing women and she always comes prepared. Joan is very kind and very talented. She is a belly dancer and you'd be surprised what you could learn from her if you took the time to know her. Joan did her own hair and make up as always <3


Kealy is amazing. She is signed with Infinity Management. This woman has been through a lot in her life and I am in awe of the spirit she has. Thank you Kealy for always supporting me and for participating in this project. The photos we created together were beautiful. We had the amazing Billie Rose Ledoux to do Kealy's hair and makeup. Thank you Billie you made this project run so smoothly with your dedication<3


Malorie here could sink ships with those eyes<3 She is represented by Infinity Management and she did her own hair and makeup. This beauty is an absolute doll and I'm so happy she participated in this project. Since this shoot I've shot her twice and she's absolutely down to earth and has a heart of gold. I know I think a lot of people have a heart of gold. I mean it everytime <3


Melissa is an Infinity Management model, she had her makeup done by Rachel Scharf and did her own hair. This woman has a photographer for a husband and you can check out a lot of there collaborations at MellSkulls. She was an absolutely amazing person to work with and I'm very happy with the picture we created. Thank you for participating Melissa you are a glam rock queen<3


Rosanna is an absolute Goddess. She did her own hair and makeup and this girl made me laugh so hard as she got completely ready the day before the shoot by accident. She has a phenomenal attitude and always comes prepared. I always have a blast working with her. So thank you for participating Rosanna hope to see you again soon <3


Check this beauty out<3 Her name is Alley she is represented by Infinity Management. The lovely Billie Rose did her hair and makeup as well. I was in absolute aw of the photos that were created with her by my fellow photographers who participated on this date. Alley and me actually go way back and we had a good laugh about it. We're actually both Canoe Lake Band Members... I wouldn't doubt if we were cousins ;) Thanks for coming out Alley <3


THANK YOU everyone who came and participated. You all made this day amazing and it was an absolute incredible experience.

This day was a beautiful day and I really loved using Diefenbaker park as a location it had a lot of amazing space to use. I am saddened because I ended up not being able to get photographs of one model Juanita Klassen. She had some amazing shots taken by her mom, Tara, and Gina. Please check them out as they were absolutely breathtaking.



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Candy Villeneuve


I am a strong Indigenous Woman my name is Candy Villeneuve Born in North Battleford, SK and a First Nations Member from Ahtahkakoop First Nation. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful healthy kids.  I work full-time as a banker and have since I became a single Mother 7 years ago. I try to involve my kids in extra-curricular activities that they enjoy to keep them busy and to get them involved in the community and finding out their likes and dislikes.  I am trying to raise my children to be kind, strong minded, respectful people. 



I did not have the greatest life growing up without my Father in my home, but I was lucky in other ways I grew up around so much family I think that instilled in me to be kind to others and help out whenever and wherever I can.  I love life I try be positive about anything that comes my way because I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that my dreams have meaning and I am in some ways gifted. I was brought up Catholic but now pray to the Creator and accept other religions and do not look down on others and I try to teach my children that as well.  I consider myself connected to spirituality and not to a specific religion.



I believe that if First Nations in Saskatchewan and Canada start working together and being more accountable for their positions we will see growth not only in the First Nations communities but also in Canada.  I believe change is coming and I welcome it. Me and my children have our Cree names and that is very special to me as I grow I am trying to learn all I can about my culture, I do not speak fluent Cree but know some words and use them in my home with my kids as much as possible. I also know French and teach my children that as well.  I look at each day as a new opportunity and try to be fearless in my life so to teach my children to try new things and never be afraid.



Candy Villeneuve

E: [email protected]

Twitter: @Candyv333

Instagram: @Candyvillen


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Reflection & Progression I recently organized the most ridiculously out of control collaboration in January. The inspiration for the shoot was Winter, because I basically didn't take my camera outside last winter. It consisted of approximately 70 people who were makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, and models. I didn't mean for the collaboration to get as huge as it did. I didn't realize there would be so much interest in the idea. Me being me I didn't want to exclude anyone as I love creating art. I knew the more people involved the more art could be created. There were so many people involved that I had to split everyone into three separate dates.


I would love to share the beautiful photos we created <3



This is Ashlee, she is managed by Infinity Management. Her hair and makeup were done by Billierose Ledoux. I have met and worked with Ashlee on a few occasions. She is a beautiful girl with an extreme amount of certifications under her belt. This girl is determined to be the best of the best and I believe in her. She is actually studying photography right now, something I have yet to do. Her photography page is called Cheri photography. I'm so proud of you Ashlee you've accomplished a lot in your life and you have a beautiful story to share <3



Meet Ashley Lynn this collaboration is the first time I have had the opportunity to work with her. She is going to participate in my Indigenous Portrait Project so I will have the chance to see her again. Ashley is also signed with Infinity Management. Her hair and makeup were also done by Billierose Ledoux. Through her submission to my Indigenous Portrait Project I have had the honor of learning a great deal about Ashley and her story. I don't want to share to much as I'd like to save it for the project to come. Let me just say this girl can move mountains and I'm sure she will <3



Say hello to Caitlin she is signed with Masala Model & Talent. Alina Asachova did her makeup and Laryssa Scott did her hair. That fashionable accessory she is wearing as a crown was made by herself. I admire this girl and she has a pretty incredible story of perseverance as well. I didn't end up getting half as many photos as I would have liked to of her look from this day. Regardless the other photographers did and the photos created have left me in awe thanks for participating <3



I know I know my draw dropped to when I seen all the beautiful images of this girl. Her name is Hilary she had her makeup done by April Dawn and did her hair herself. Hilary is an absolute photographers dream. She poses, she's flawless and she's got blue eyes that I adore. You will see Hilary again as she participated on 2 dates. This girl loves to model and honestly does it for the love of it. Makes me smile to see someone do what they love just because they love to <3



Lyberty wasn't even booked for this date. She was gracious enough to open her home for the artists and models to get ready. Due to a couple of cancellations we were able to squeeze her in this day. I'm glad we did! Her makeup is again done by Alina and her hair by Laryssa. She has recently signed with Infinity management. She has a great look and her hair and makeup were on point. I mean look at her this girl can #slay Thank you for being a tremendous help in this collaboration Lyberty You made it possible for us to keep the budget at zero <3



The lovely Samantha here was one of the original models I was going to work with on this project. Before it blew up. She is also signed with Infinity Management. Her hair was done by the lovely Laryssa Scott and makeup by the amazing Alina Asachova. Samantha is an absolute sweetheart, with eyes to die for. I'm glad she participated and I'm glad to have met her. I look forward to watching her evolve as a model. Thank you for being a part of this collaboration <3



Give a warm welcome to the gorgeous Chelsey. She was invited by her friend Elicia and I'm glad she decided to participate. She did her own hair and makeup and she is also signed with Infinity Management. Chelsey has some incredibly strong features, shes incredibly beautiful to look at. You can't just point and shoot at someone like her. Her beauty requires a talented photographer... I hope I did a good job <3



Janeen had her hair and makeup done by Billie Rose Ledoux and was one of two of my last models. I was the only photographer to capture some of their photographs. So I hope I made them happy with what I was able to capture. She had a completely on point look. Thank you Janeen for making it out on this day I hope to collaborate with you again soon <3




Last but not least Kailey and isn't she killing it. Billie Rose Ledoux is apparently her boo and did her hair and makeup... Let me tell you this was the coldest of the three days I organized. This poor girl I wish it had been ten degrees warmer for her. We managed to get a quick few photos in. Kailey will also be participating in my Indigenous Portrait Project so you will be seeing more of her in my blog in the future. Thank you for coming Kailey I'm glad I waited for you and Janeen to get in these last few shots of the day <3


This is one date with 9 models... I will post on the next two dates once I am able to edit all of the photographs from the next dates.




Reflecting on the successes and failures of this collaboration I learned a lot. I was glad to help so many people meet and create beautiful photographs. Would I suggest that anyone take on an endeavor like I did? Of course not, but what is life for if not to take risks. Working with this many personalities takes an extreme amount of patience, as well as, a strong neutrality to your personality. The collaboration honestly wasn't as hard to organize as you would think. What was truly hard for me was how it made me question my own personality. I consider myself to be very empathetic and when I am involved with too many people at once. It really does a number on who I believe I am. I'm always open to a new challenge and I enjoy organizing larger collaborations.


If I could leave you with any words of advice let it be this. Do what you do not for recognition, but for love. Remember why you create what you create or do what you do. The root of it is what will keep you humble and patient. Trust me I had to dig deep and pull out every thread of sanity I had. I'm glad it's through and I'm glad I helped so many people get so many beautiful shots <3

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Nikita Kahpeaysewat Indigenous Portrait Project

My name is Nikita Kahpeaysewat, I am from Moosomin First Nation, Saskatchewan and I belong to the Plains Cree Tribe, it is one of five main dialects of Cree along with Woods Cree, Swampy Cree, Moose Cree, and Atikamekw.

What does my culture mean to me?

I wouldn't refer to my beliefs as a culture, but more in the sense as a way of life. Viewing the world and all it has to offer in a spiritual form, understanding and respecting the knowledge behind the teachings, because life is all about growing and learning. I have been blessed enough to have teachings passed on to me, and still to this day practice them. Every thought and action is based off the way I was brought up, making culture have a huge impact on my life. It is my backbone, my guide, and I would be lost without it.

What kind of example do you want to pass on to the next generation?

I want to set an example for my people that there is more to life than the reserve, that we are so much more capable then what we settle for. Be ready to work hard for what you want, because the world owes you nothing and it is up to you on what happens with your life.


Follow Nikita on Instagram<3



Media Links:

Local First Nation model traveling the world

Mother of Aboriginal Miss Teen Canada world contestant beaming with pride

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